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What to Know About Humanist Services

There are many different kinds of funerary services to choose from. If your loved one did not tell you what they would have wished, it can be tough to know what to choose for them. One option that more people are choosing is to have a humanist service. A humanist service allows you to create a truly unique way to honor your loved one. If that is something that you would like to do for the person but you are not sure what humanist service is or how to plan one, there are some things that providers of cremation services in Turley, OK want you to remember.


A humanist service is a service that does not have a religious message. If your loved one did not subscribe to any kind of faith, this can be the right service for them. You can still have the structure of a traditional service, including music, readings, and eulogies, but you will do so without including any religious elements. That can allow you to give your loved one the kind of service they would have wanted without bringing religion into it.


The main part of a humanist service is the tribute. A celebrant gives the tribute, which is a type of eulogy. It is a way of honoring the person you lost, and it includes anecdotes and memories that the family has of the person. To create the tribute, the celebrant will meet with the family and speak with them to get an idea of what to include.


It is not necessary to have the service at a funeral home and it is also not appropriate to have it at a place of worship, so you want to choose another type of location. You could have it outdoors, somewhere the person loved, and even your house. Think of where the person would have wanted to have their service and consider having it there.


The celebrant leads the humanist service. The first thing the celebrant will do is meet up with the family to see what kind of service they want to offer their loved one and what they should include in that service. They can help you choose the music, the readings, and decide on the structure of the entire thing. It is important to find the right celebrant, so you want to take some time with this. If you are not sure where to begin, you can always reach out to the funeral director for some guidance. They will always know some celebrants in the area who can provide this service.

cremation services in Turley, OK

Planning a humanist service is not difficult and it can be the perfect option for someone who was not religious and who would have wanted something a bit different. Make sure that you have the right celebrant and that you offer enough information so they can put together a beautiful tribute. If you want to get started making arrangements for your loved one, you can reach out to a Turley, OK cremation service provider like us. We have years of experience helping people lay their loved ones to rest exactly how they want to. Stop by one of our locations or visit us today to learn more.