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Dyer Memorial Chapel, one of the leading funeral homes in Turley OK provides families in Turley with compassionate yet very affordable funeral and cremation services. We are dedicated to our core values of integrity, respect, loyal relationships and excellence in service. We apply these values to our interactions with families and co-workers to provide the finest affordable funerals and cremations services.

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Funeral Home and Cremations in Turley, OK

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The loss of a loved one is an experience that often brings emotional pain and heartache. In such times, many people turn to their community and foundational perspectives for support and meaning. This often includes their spiritual views, culture, and family customs. Other people may look to other more contemporary means of support, seeking meaning through their modern values. However you choose to grieve, the support of funeral services in Turley, OK can be a tremendous support when you need it most.

There is truly no correct way to mourn the loss of a loved one. Funerals and memorials can and should be designed to meet the personal needs of the family and community of friends who have lost someone. With this in mind, some things can be done to improve the quality of memorial and funeral services:

Why Personalization Matters

The purpose of a funeral is to mark the passing of a life. It provides a venue for a family and community to gather in remembrance of the person that has died, to find value in life, and to bid farewell in death. The funeral and memorial service can look different, depending on the needs of the family, their beliefs, culture, and world view.

If the service is left to tradition alone, it can get caught up in the procession of ceremony and nearly forget the reason the service is being held in the first place. Namely, in honor of the person who has passed away. When this happens, those who attend the service may leave feeling empty or even hurt. Their desire to attend the service is not for the proceedings; it is to connect with their loved one. Their relationship with the person in life brings them to this place.

That’s why funerals and memorial services need to be thoughtfully considered and personalized. Using a one size fits all cultural or religious template to inform the proceedings may be a place to start, but it is far from a reasonable place to finish the planning aspect of service. Personalization brings warmth, meaning, story, connection, and memory of the deceased into the framework of a funeral or memorial. These things help those who come to grieve to begin their healing journey and to internalize the significance of life now at its end.

Elements of Personalization

When personalizing a tribute service, it’s tremendously important to focus the funeral home and cremations services in Turley, OK on who the person was in life. The best way of doing this includes more than just a cursory telling of their life overview. Rather, the service should include life experiences, unique stores, achievements, challenges, and victories. It should convey a sense of the character and personality of the person who has died.

The type and style of the tribute service should also be thoughtfully personalized to match who the deceased person was in life. For example, if the fallen was not a religious person in life, is it fitting to hold their funeral or memorial in a house of worship? Where else might be an appropriate place for the service? That’s not to say it is not the right decision, but it is something to consider in the personalization process. Continuing further on this line of thinking: Should the services be formal or informal? Are any speakers or readings appropriate? If so, who and what should be shared? If music will be played, what best fits the person who has died?

Personalization involves a vast amount of potential choices. But the most important thing is that the service is personalized to reflect the life and story of the individual that has died. Done well, everyone who loved the person in life will feel connected to their story in death. Though tears will still flow, and pain will endure for a time, the memory of a heartfelt goodbye in tribute form will do wonders for those who grieve.

Grief Support

When a loved one dies, all must find time to mourn in their own way. But sometimes, grief can be paralyzing. When this happens, it’s often best to get help. A professional grief counselor can be a listening ear, offering compassionate support to those who linger in pain and loss. If you or a family member need some assistance in this way, reach out for the help needed. It is a powerful way to aid the healing journey.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

What is the average cremation fee?

  • A cremation costs on average $1,141, which includes transportation cost, permits and authorization, standard plastic urn, and professional services fees. There are also options for cremation with viewing or memorial services. Because burial grounds can be costly, cremations are usually less expensive than burials.


Is planning a funeral hard?

  • For many people, planning their own funeral is challenging and distressing. It’s difficult to consider death and leaving your loved ones behind. You may be unsure where to begin while organizing a funeral. Understanding the benefits of pre-planning has prompted many to take the step to plan their own arrangements. Visit Dyer Memorial Chapel today.


What are resources for grief?

  • For grieving families, there is a range of tools available, including websites, support groups, books, and online forums. Because everyone’s needs and coping styles are diverse, what works for one family member may not work for another. Needs can alter over time as well. Learn more about grief resources.