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funeral homes in Sand Springs, OK

Cremation Myths

Anytime someone experiences a loss and needs to schedule cremation or find funeral homes in Sand Springs, OK, there can always be questions around the processes. For those who have never had to schedule this kind of event or spoken to anyone who’s been through the process, you may have heard different things, so here are […]

cremation services in Turley, OK

What is the Purpose of an Officiant at a Funeral?

It is not uncommon during funeral or cremation services in Turley, OK, for there to be an officiant. The officiant can be described as a funeral conductor or a religious leader; there are even cases where a friend or family member could lead the event. If you are considering having an officiant, here is more information […]

funeral homes in Turley, OK

Why Grief Matters After Loss

Loss can come over things like moving, a relationship ending or a loved one passing away. It can be a confusing and excruciating process if you do not understand the feelings or how to navigate them. Anytime someone is looking at funeral homes in Turley, OK, they can be going through a broader range of emotions […]

cremation services in Tulsa, OK

How to Write a Proper Announcement for a Funeral

The loss of a loved one is a painful experience to go through, and when you must schedule funeral services or cremation services in Tulsa, OK, you might be wondering what your first steps are to write an announcement. These documents are our way of letting people know that the loved one has passed on. The declaration is a […]

cremation services in Sand Springs, OK

Nontraditional Burial Service Options

If you have already experienced a loss and had to plan cremation services in Sand Springs, OK, you might prefer a more traditional approach to a funeral service. But in our age of advanced technology, multiple other options might be a better fit for your loved one. Providing a nontraditional option might be exactly what you are needing and […]

funeral homes in Sand Springs, OK

Choosing the Right Funeral Home for Your Loved One

Funeral services have been around for thousands of years, so whether you are planning for your passing or creating a memorial for a loved one, how can you choose the right company is to work with? When you start looking at funeral homes in Sand Springs, OK, you may be wondering how to make the right choice, and […]

cremation Services in Turley, OK

Understanding Feelings Around a Loved One’s Services

There is nothing simple about losing someone you care for, so it might feel overwhelming when you need to start looking for cremation Services in Turley, OK. The experience can be exhausting, so it’s essential to recognize that you need the proper support when you are planning cremation services or funeral services. Having an experienced company that can […]

cremation services in Tulsa, OK

How do you Plan a Funeral?

There are very few things more painful than losing a loved one and having to plan cremation services in Tulsa, OK. Or, if you have been chosen to arrange the funeral service, you might not know where to start. In either situation, it can be challenging to navigate and unclear on what you need to do. So, when […]

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