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funeral homes in Tulsa, OK

Creative Funeral Ideas

Funeral planning can be stressful if you’ve never had to go through the experience. Working with funeral homes in Tulsa, OK, that is professional, and understanding will make a difference. Whether you’re trying to arrange the eulogy or don’t know what a good starting place is, here are some concepts that have helped to create an event that honors the loved one appropriately.


One of the first things that could be included in your service is any favorite music or artists that the loved one they have admired. Most funeral homes and churches are open to allow for alternative forms of music depending on the event, so you may ask them about creating a playlist for the funeral.


If the individual loved to read, taking the time to create quotes, or reading a favorite section of a book can be an excellent way to honor them.

Keeping it Unique

For the sports lover or any specific type of fan-based preference, you may wish to have individuals dress in their favorite team’s colors or create a character-based event.


If you are planning on having a celebration of life that specializes in focusing on the joy and light-heartedness the individual brought into others’ lives, you might consider utilizing fireworks to create a display for the loved one.

Memorial Tree

Creating a memory tree by utilizing branches in a large vessel, adorning it with colorful paper and pens, then asking your attendees to write down memories or thoughts about the deceased.

Food Choices

If your loved one had a favorite treat or food preference, you might consider adding this in as an additional touch for the event. In some cases, you could create a take-home gift such as a favorite chocolate bar or candy that the individual loved.

Open Mic

If you have enlisted individuals to give eulogies, you may also offer the option of having an open mic time. This allows people to share their stories and how the person made them feel, which can help heal and connect.


Some people have taken media such as old videos and created a compilation shown at the funeral service or the wake.

Other Ideas

A few other great ideas consist of offering to plant a tree in memory of the individual. Some people like to include pets at the funeral or to release doves as part of the event. You may want to utilize any favorite items such as golf balls or collectibles the individual may have had as a part of the decoration process. In addition, it’s also a good gesture to offer a place for the attendees to contribute to, such as a charity.

funeral homes in Tulsa, OK

A Traditional Source

Dyer Memorial Chapel has served our local community for over 30 years and takes pride in putting our families first. We understand the pain of loss and want you to know we will support you through the process. If you are looking at funeral homes in Tulsa, OK, let us be there to guide you as you plan an event that truly honors your loved one, so give us a call today.