Help When It’s Needed: Funeral Home and Cremations Care in Tulsa, OK

Dyer Memorial Chapel has been offering affordable, compassionate, and dignified cremation and burial services for more than 30 years in Tulsa, OK and surrounding areas. Personalized care for your family is our goal. We’re experienced professionals who know how to make each experience unique and personal, so you get the best out of it. For immediate funeral assistance, please call us at (918) 425-5549.

Tulsa OK Funeral Home

Dyer Memorial Chapel, one of the leading funeral homes in Tulsa, provides families in Tulsa and nearby areas with compassionate yet very affordable funeral and cremation services. We continually work to be the best trained, most respected and deeply compassionate professionals in the funeral and cremation industry.

Our comfortable, attractive facilities can accommodate gatherings of any size, with peaceful areas where family and friends can gather to celebrate the life that has passed.

The Leading Funeral Home and Cremations Provider in Tulsa, OK

Dyer Memorial Chapel is a caring and qualified provider of funeral home care and cremation services in Tulsa, OK. When a loved one passes on, call on us for caring and thoughtful support. Stop by our funeral home at 2103 E 3rd St Tulsa, OK 74104. You can reach us at (918) 425-5549 for immediate help.


After the death of a loved one, families are often unsure of what happens next. They know that aftercare and a funeral or memorial service need to take place, but taking steps toward that end can be uncertain. Death is not something that most people deal with every day. So, when it happens, a competent funeral home and cremations care provider in Tulsa, OK is often welcome support.

Yet so much of funeral planning is based on the wishes of the family and the deceased, if known. Even though a funeral care team handles every aspect of the event planning, the best providers will always inquire and carry out the instructions of the family. With this in mind, how should a funeral or memorial be planned and conducted? Is there a proper way to go about doing it? The answer is, no. There is no right or wrong way to hold a tribute service; it is always a matter of personal preference.

There are points worth considering in the planning process, such as whether the deceased will be given a casket burial or cremation care. This decision helps families to then plan what kind of service they should have and whether the remains of the deceased should be present at the service or not. Other things should include any customs, cultural precedence, faith traditions, personal beliefs, world view, and the needs of the family and community.

Who Should You Hire for After Care?

Given the unique nature of every family and their deceased loved one, it is important to find a quality funeral care provider in Tulsa OK that is qualified to meet their needs. As you begin searching for a funeral care team, be sure to evaluate the following aspects of their offering:

Experience: Funeral homes and their staff all have different levels of experience in various areas of industry care. By nature of their day to day work, they will inevitably come to serve certain communities more than others. In this, they often develop expertise in the way funerals and memorials are commonly done. As you search for a funeral services firm, find out about their experience, and the communities they serve most.

Prices: The law requires all funeral homes to provide a published price list of all general services that they offer. You can request to review pricing as part of your evaluation of area funeral homes you are considering to hire. A review of this pricing will help you to understand quickly which funeral homes are more competitively priced. You may find that one provider is particularly adept in select services, and is able to offer that care at a better price. That being said, it’s not always about price alone. Remember that experience and expertise matter in these things.

Services: Not all funeral homes can provide every service offered in the industry. While most firms will be able to provide full-service funeral support, they may not be able to provide cremation services on location. When requests are made for this service, such firms will need to hire a third-party provider to handle the need. Often, the service is provided by another funeral home. As you consider what services you want, be sure to inquire directly and to ask detailed questions about how the services are fulfilled.

Funeral Home Venue: If you are planning to hold services at the funeral home, take the time to review the venue. You should think about things such as: How much seating do they offer, and is it enough to meet the needs of the anticipated attendee count? Is the facility modern, clean, and comfortable? Is there a kitchen staging area and dining space for refreshments or a meal for the family, if wanted? Is the technology up to date, including audio and video support, webcasting, and digital displays? Is the funeral home located in a place that is convenient for those who will come for the wake or funeral?

Merchandise: Part of Tulsa funeral homes services involves the purchase of caskets, urns, flowers, grave markers, and more. Good funeral homes will sell these products or be able to connect their clients with those who do. As a client, you do not have to purchase any merchandise as a part of their services, but it can be a convenient way to address the need. As part of your evaluation, take a look at what the products they offer to see whether you are interested in what they have for sale.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

What are funeral home services?

  • A funeral home, often known as a funeral parlor or mortuary, is a business that specializes in providing burial, cremation, and funeral services to the deceased and their relatives. A planned wake and funeral, as well as the provision of a chapel for the funeral, are examples of these services.


What does a funeral assistant do?

  • A funeral assistant, sometimes known as a funeral attendant, is a person who aids the funeral home’s director. As a funeral assistant, you’ll be responsible for assisting in the organizing of the funeral’s events, escorting each guest and family member to the service, and even assisting with the preparation of the remains.


What is the talk of a lifetime?

  • Have the Talk of a Lifetime is a global campaign encouraging families to talk about life and the things that matter most to them. Individuals are aided in making important decisions about how they want to be remembered by narrating their life stories, which can also help families respect the life of a loved one when the time comes.