How to Hire the Right Funeral Home and Cremations Provider in Sand Springs, OK

We at Dyer Memorial Chapel take great pride in how affordable our services can be without compromising quality. We want nothing but success for each family member who entrusts us.

For over three decades now Sand Springs, OK residents has been depending on us when they need help dealing with their burials or cremations. Our focus has always been centered towards providing families an unforgettable experience while also being very sensitive about budgeting them accordingly so there’s no stress ahead whatsoever during this difficult time period. For questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at (918) 425-5549.

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Dyer Memorial Chapel, one of the premiere funeral homes in Sand Springs, OK, provides families in Sand Springs with compassionate funeral and cremation services in affordable price. Our comfortable, attractive facilities can accommodate gatherings of any size, with peaceful areas where family and friends can gather to celebrate the life that has passed.

Preferred Funeral Home and Cremations Support in Sand Springs, OK

Dyer Memorial Chapel takes our responsibilities seriously. We care about the well-being of the families we serve. If you’re seeking a compassionate Sand Springs, OK funeral homes and cremation servic provider, visit us for a conversation. Our facility is at 2103 E 3rd St Tulsa, OK 74104. Call us at (918) 425-5549.


The loss of a family member can be an emotionally trying experience. In the hours and days following their passing, there is a large amount of work to be done. The immediate care for the deceased must be arranged, family and friends need to be notified, funeral plans should be coordinated, and more. Getting it all done can be overwhelming. But fortunately, there is professional support for these moments. Good funeral services in Sand Springs, OK can ease your burden by handling the bulk of the funeral care needed.

At Dyer Memorial Chapel, our caring staff of funeral professionals stands ready to serve the families of our community. The death of a loved is never easy, but with the help of family, neighbors, and a compassionate funeral firm, the experience can be filled with grace for the living and dignity of the fallen.

Caring Support from a Local Funeral Home

As you are searching for a funeral home to help you through this difficult time, we recommend you take a little time to research and interview each potential provider. Every family has unique customs, faith traditions, and world views that shape them. These defining details are as important in death as they are in life. Because of this, you should search for a funeral home that will be respectful to the needs of your family and deceased loved one.

Here are several points you should evaluate as you search for the right funeral home and cremations provider in Sand Springs, OK:

Service: The funeral industry has many offerings and options, but not all service providers can provide everything. While traditional full-service funeral care is common, other care styles may not be. For example, onsite cremation services are not always available. Rather, a third-party provider is contracted to handle the cremation. This means the body of the deceased must be transported to an offsite location for processing. Some families do not prefer this approach.

Prices: As you’re evaluating provider options, ask to see the general price list to review the cost of aftercare for your loved one. By law, all industry providers must publish and provide their prices to the public that requests such. This way, you can quickly review and compare prices for different area providers. You’ll be able to learn which firms are more competitive, and in particular which services they can provide at the best price. If you know what services you want, this can help you to keep the cost of care down.

Experience: Every funeral home and its staff will have unique service experience that makes them more of an expert in one area than another. This expertise is invaluable when it comes to matters of community funeral customs, religious observances, and rituals of belief about life and death. You should find a funeral care provider that is experienced in these matters as they pertain to the person who has died, as well as the family and community that may attend.

Facilities: For those families that plan to hold services at the funeral home, the facilities should be considered. Be sure to review the chapel seating count, the viewing or wake area, and any needed amenities. If food will be served, is there a kitchen area for staging and preparation? Is there an adequate dining area? Does the venue have the right ambiance and décor for the desired funeral? What technology equipment is available? Is there audio and video capabilities, as well as webcasting, recording, and visual monitor displays? Is the building in an appropriate area for the community of family and friends that will attend services? Are parking and access convenient?

Personalization of Services: Every funeral occasion should be personalized around the life and times of the person that has died. Even though ceremony and tradition may be the framework of the funeral or memorial, the people who attend to grieve the fallen do not come for these outward rituals. They come because of the relationship they shared with the deceased and their family. They come because they loved this person in life. That’s why all funeral services should be thoughtfully personalized to keep the deceased in the center of focus, and not the proceedings. Find out what the funeral director and their staff will do to facilitate this need.

Compatibility: During your brief interviews with each funeral care provider, make a mental note of your compatibility with them. Are they good listeners? Do they seem interested in helping you to plan and conduct the best funeral possible? Will they give your family and deceased loved one the care you want? Consider carefully.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

What is included in a simple burial package?

  • A simple burial package generally includes a steel casket, professional services of funeral director and staff, local transportation from place of death within 30 miles of our facility, and a memorial obituary tribute on the website with a photo. Also included are death certificates and sales tax.


Why should I prearrange my funeral or burial?

  • Preparing for your funeral can help you express your love in a way your family will never forget. By handling all the details in advance, your pre-planned funeral will be an example of the selfless love and generosity that you have shown to your loved ones throughout your life. Learn more about funeral pre-planning.


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