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Why Self-Care is Important While Grieving

Grief can be a complicated process because there are different stages an individual can go through with it. If you or someone you know has recently needed to plan cremation services in Turley, OK, there is a good possibility that the five stages will begin taking place, so it is essential to understand how to care for yourself or your loved ones properly. Here are just a few ways to practice self-care daily to help heal.

Get Physical

It’s no secret that moving your body can be highly beneficial even when not in a state of emotional processing, but it can also be essential to help the emotional processing that needs to happen from the loss. Taking time for physical movement can make a difference in an individual’s well-being is a great way to care for your body overall. Whether it’s doing the dishes or going for a walk, these can be helpful movements to de-stress and give yourself some space emotionally.

Expressing Feelings

Another action that can be very beneficial is to take the time to talk about how you’re feeling. Whether with friends and family or utilizing a hobby such as writing or art, it’s essential to talk about your feelings and the emotions to release them. And if this is something that you or an individual you’re supporting is not accustomed to, it might feel a little uncomfortable initially, but it can be an incredibly beneficial action.

Taking Time for Fun

It can be easy to get wrapped up in the feelings as they’re being processed when it comes to grief. One thing that can be highly beneficial is to remember to have fun. And it doesn’t need to be an exuberant experience but simply engaging in something that brings a sense of pleasure or joy. And they may not always feel pleasurable, to begin with, once the loss has occurred, but over time, it can be a great way to stay connected to the things you love to do, which promotes healing. Some examples could be:

  • going to the movies with a friend
  • watching a funny TV show
  • writing a story
  • painting a picture
  • taking a road trip
  • having a hot bath
  • baking a favorite recipe
  • playing with a pet

There are multiple other things that individuals can do for fun, so it will be dependent on what you or your loved one enjoyed doing before the loss. In addition, it can also be beneficial to help others who might also be grieving or suffering. This can promote connection and offering support to someone else can also help with your healing process.

cremation services in Turley, OK

Support Through the Years

Dyer Memorial Chapel is a locally trusted company that specializes in multiple services. We’ve taken great pride for over 30 years in serving the families of our community with compassionate care and support as they go through the process of loss. If you require cremation services in Turley, OK, we would love to be of assistance, so give us a call today and help you get started.