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cremation services in Sand Springs, OK

Why is Preplanning Beneficial, and How do you do It?

Losing a loved one can be an experience that creates grief, frustration, and extra stress if there are no funds to pay for the funeral or cremation services in Sand Springs, OK. Preplanning can be one way to help ease some of the burdens for the individual who’s experiencing the loss, but you might be wondering what the options are. Here are some helpful suggestions on how to pre-plan and why it is essential, and alternatives to pay for a funeral if there’s no funding in place.

Why Preplan?

The stress that friends and family can go through when an individual passes away is only intensified when there’s no plan for the services. If the people that have been placed in charge of scheduling the tasks don’t have a specific outline of what is needed, it can, in some cases, create disagreements between family members. This is a primary reason why pre-planning is so important because it allows the individual to lay out exactly how they want their services to look and removes the pressure off the family.

What Are Some Options for Payment?

There are a few different strategies to help cover the costs of events, and these options include:

Pay the Funeral Home: Some funeral homes will accept payments with a contract over an extended period specifically dedicated to the services.

Insurance: A life insurance policy can be a helpful way to cover the costs. There are instances where the insurance company may work with outside agencies that can give loans based on the policy’s total until the funds can be released.

Savings: It can be beneficial for an individual to sit down and figure out what their monthly bills are and contribute each month for the cost of the services.

Suggestions to Cover Costs with No Pre-planning

If you or you know someone who recently lost a loved one and no funding is in place to help pay for the services, here are some alternative options that may have funding available.

Crowdfunding: There’s been an uprising of platforms such as GoFundMe that offer a way for individuals to take donations from outside sources. These can also be an excellent way for the community to pitch in and support the family as they’re going through the loss.

Think Local: It can be beneficial to check with local churches or charities to see if they have any programs specifically designed to help out with the financial part of services.

cremation services in Sand Springs, OK

Government Agencies: it can be worthwhile to check with the Social Security Administration or other federal agencies, as some have one-time payments in place for individuals who have passed away.

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