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What to Expect During a Visitation at a Funeral Home

Visitations are very common, and many families opt to host a visitation at a funeral home for their deceased loved one before the funeral. In some cases, a visitation may be directly before the funeral, while in other cases it may be held the evening before. Funeral homes in Sand Springs, OK often offer visitations as part of a funeral package. If you have never attended a visitation at a funeral home, you may feel a little bit anxious. Continue reading to learn more about what to expect at a visitation.

Sign a Guest Book

The days following the death of a loved one are often very difficult for the immediate family of the deceased as they grieve their loss. Many people say that making final arrangements and the actual funeral activities themselves feel like a blur at the time. This is one of the reasons that guest books are often placed near the entrance of a room where the visitation is being held.

In the guest book, you will be able to sign your name and write a short condolence message. The immediate family of the deceased may not have clear memories of the visitation due to grief, but a guest book serves as a reminder of those who attended, and the messages written can provide comfort.

Offer Condolences to the Family

One of the main purposes of a visitation is to allow guests to personally speak to the family of the deceased and offer their condolences. If there are a large number of people attending the visitation, there may be a receiving line. Guests will wait in line until it is their turn.

A good rule of thumb is to keep conversations with the immediate family of the deceased short, especially when they have a number of people to talk to. Offer a heartfelt condolence message, and avoid saying anything that could be offensive. For example, if the cause of death for the deceased has not been released, don’t ask the family about it at the visitation.

View the Body of the Deceased and Say Your Goodbyes

During a visitation at a funeral home, the body of the deceased is typically displayed in a casket on the opposite side of the room from the entrance. In many cases, the casket is open so the body of the deceased can be viewed. While you’re at the viewing, you will have the opportunity to view the body, pay your respects to the deceased, and say goodbye, if you like.

Funeral homes in Sand Springs, OK

If you do not want to view the body of the deceased, that is okay. Some people are not comfortable with that aspect of a visitation. You will not offend anyone if you choose not to approach the casket. Visitations are typically a couple hours long, but most people do not stay the whole time. You can come and go as you please during the scheduled time.

A visitation at a funeral home can feel overwhelming, but attending one is a good way to support the family of the deceased. Most funeral homes in Sand Springs, OK do their best to ensure that the visitation is as comfortable as possible for guests.