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cremation services in Sand Springs, OK

Nontraditional Burial Service Options

If you have already experienced a loss and had to plan cremation services in Sand Springs, OK, you might prefer a more traditional approach to a funeral service. But in our age of advanced technology, multiple other options might be a better fit for your loved one. Providing a nontraditional option might be exactly what you are needing and finding a company that can specialize in funeral services is the place to start. We have provided a list of some alternative options you can choose from.

Some Great Choices

Water Burial

Water ceremonies have been around for thousands of years, utilized for scattering the ashes of a loved one into a body of water. The remains can be spread via cremation or full-body disposal, depending on where you choose to hold the service. The EPA has specific regulations that must be followed, so check your local laws before having the event.

There is also an alternative that mixes the deceased ashes with a concrete solution that is eco-friendly. It is then formed into a reef-style structure placed in the water to become a home for coral and other sea life.

Ashes to Space

Another method that is becoming more comment is to have the individual remains sent into space. This process is affordable and can be found online through companies that offer the services.

Keeping them Close

One excellent option to keep your loved one with you no matter where you go is to turn the remains into a wearable diamond. This alternative option is manufactured in a lab after adding ashes from your loved one.

An Eye for Art

This is a great option for those who have an eye for art or blown glass. Companies are now giving the option of adding the cremated remains into specially ordered art pieces. This puts a new spin on the concept of having an urn display.

Light Up the Sky

For the more festive individual who has passed away, a popular option is to combine the ash with fireworks. This is a fantastic choice for setting off at the end of a celebration of life ceremony.

Keep it Natural

For the nature lover, there is an item called a burial pod. After the cremation services, the remains are incorporated into a base that allows a tree to grow from it. There are also alternative urn options that are biodegradable and will break down quickly in water.

cremation services in Sand Springs, OK

Let us Help you Make the Right Choice.

Currently, the imagination is the limit when it comes to ways to honor and celebrate your loved one. If you are planning cremation services in Sand Springs, OK, you want a locally trusted and family-owned company that provides you with the highest quality products and services around. Dyer Memorial Chapel has spent over 30 years offering compassionate care and kindness to families looking for burial and cremation services. We understand what it means to honor your loved one and want to make sure you have the best experience possible, so call us today to get help through the process.