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cremation in Tulsa, OK

Making Cremation Personalized

You may have heard that cremation in Tulsa, OK is more popular and cost-effective today than it has been in past decades. If you have a loved one pass on, it is a perfectly valid disposition method. If you’re considering using it, but you feel like it would be impersonal, that’s not the case at all. There are a number of ways you can personalize the experience to make it everything you want it to be for your loved one.

Get A Customized Urn

The funeral home will provide a simple container for your loved one’s remains, but you don’t have to use that basic provision. Instead, you can purchase an urn of your choosing. If you’d like something in marble, wood, metal, or any other material. You can have the urn engraved with their name, a picture, or something else. You can do whatever you’d like with the urn purchase. Most funeral homes have options available, but you can also go to an outside vendor to get what you need. The urn is one way to make your loved one’s cremation feel different than others.

Create A Permanent Memorial

There are also plenty of things you can do by way of permanent memorials. You could purchase a brick in a walkway somewhere special. You could dedicate a park bench in their honor or plant a garden in a park. Whatever you do, it’s nice to memorialize your loved one in a way that will stick around. That will make the process feel more special and unique as well.

Have A Service

When cremation is the disposition method, there are lots of different things you can do for final services. You can have a memorial service and that can include any style. You could have a celebration of life. Or you could have an ash scattering service with just a few close family members and friends. These services are completely unique because they cater to the family involved as well as the loved one who passed on.

cremation in Tulsa, OK

While the cremation process itself is the same for everyone, the things you do around that procedure can be unique, special, and memorable. When you are ready to talk about cremation in Tulsa, OK, contact the professionals at Dyer Memorial Chapel to ask questions. It’s always nice to look around the facilities, which you can visit at 2103 E 3rd St, Tulsa, OK 74104. We’ll give you a tour, show you the space we have for memorial services, and talk to you about the options you can consider. You can call us to make an appointment at (918) 425-5549 or to find out more about how we operate. We’re happy to help you figure out how to customize a loved one’s services in whatever way you see fit. We’ve seen a lot of families in a lot of situations and we always have creative ideas that might work well for you. If you want to look into our company, check out our website at