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How do you Write a Thank-you Note After a Funeral Is Over?

After losing a loved one, it is not uncommon to have loved ones show up to help with things around the home and offer support. Because loss is felt by all individual’s the act of caring can be a way to connect and foster strong relationships. And anytime you or someone you know has needed to schedule cremation services in Turley, OK, they may feel the need to offer a gift or note of thanks to anyone who has helped or provided care during the loss.

Simple gestures like flowers, a card, food, or anything personal can show gratitude for the individuals who showed up to help, and it is a standard practice to give thanks in this way. The simple expression of showing and feeling gratitude can also be highly beneficial for the individual because it can bring joy and happiness for returning the kindness.

When do you Send a Note?

When sending out the notes you will want to create your list of individuals that need to be included, the list is up to you on who you feel are appropriate to send a note to. You may only have those who are actively involved in specific areas around the loss.

You may send a simple card to those who helped contribute with flowers and choose to write a more detailed note to individuals who served a greater purpose through the process. The idea is to send the card to anyone you feel a sense of gratitude for or that removed some of the tasks that needed to be completed.

What do you Say?

When you send your correspondence, you will want to let them know the depth of your gratitude, and if you have to write several notes, it’s okay to keep the statement brief. Including words such as:

  • Thank you for your help at the funeral.
  • Our family appreciates your support during the difficult time
  • It was meaningful having your presence there
  • Your kindness will always be remembered
  • Your thoughtfulness helped ease stress

If the individual is not a direct friend or family member, some closing expressions that still offer a personal touch are:

  • Your friend
  • With gratitude
  • Fondly

Other Alternatives

If you have the budget and would like to do extra, it’s recommended to offer small tokens such as a gift certificate to a restaurant, flowers, or a simple gift basket to show your appreciation.

cremation services in Turley, OK

A Company Focused on Community

When you’re experiencing a loss having a community of friends and family around you can make all the difference in your day-to-day tasks. Refrain from being perfect and putting too much pressure on yourself when sending the thank-you gestures and be mindful that what you are doing is enough.

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