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funeral homes in Sand Springs, OK

Cremation Myths

Anytime someone experiences a loss and needs to schedule cremation or find funeral homes in Sand Springs, OK, there can always be questions around the processes. For those who have never had to schedule this kind of event or spoken to anyone who’s been through the process, you may have heard different things, so here are some common myths.

It is a Cheaper Option Than Burial

When compared with average costs, the first myth can be true depending on the company you are working with. Between the embalming, casket, and burial fees, that can add up, but if you forego these choices and choose to do it, yourself burial can be a cheaper choice. The cost of cremation in Oklahoma is quite affordable.

The Remains are Just Ashes

Ash is a standard description of what remains after the cremation process, but this is not necessarily true. The material is pulverized bone because everything else is incinerated during the steps.

There May Be a Mix Up at the Crematory

One significant concern for people is getting the correct family member’s remains and not someone else’s. Most crematories are part of associations that have guidelines that must be followed based on state laws. The body’s identity must be in place consistently, so there is no question who is cremated.

If you are concerned that there may be a mix-up, you may speak to the funeral director or staff to find out what their procedures are. In addition, there may also be an option for you to be present for the cremation process.

You Can’t Have a Funeral with the Cremation

Another myth is that cremation cannot be combined with a traditional funeral. This is further from the truth because any urn can be buried, so the only thing to consider is the size of the plot needed. There is also the option to have a viewing or memorial service before the cremation so Attendees could still have an opportunity to see the individual in say goodbye.

It is Illegal to Scatter the Remains

Depending on your location and the EPA or state laws, it is not illegal to scatter ashes. The main concern is keeping the ecological state in its pristine condition is it can be and not leaving litter behind if you are visiting a park or hiking trail. The remains are neither toxic nor harmful, so reach out to your county offices to confirm for your area.

funeral homes in Sand Springs, OK

Picking What is Right For you

With all the myths out there, it can be confusing what the appropriate steps will be if you need to have a service. We always recommend checking with local agencies or professionals before moving forward with planning.

With all the funeral homes in Sand Springs, OK, you want to ensure that your choice is the right fit for you. Dyer Memorial Chapel understands the challenges of losing a loved one and wants to provide a service that honors them. We offer burial and cremation services based on traditional values and care, so give us a call today to get started.