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funeral homes in Tulsa, OK

Choosing a Headstone

When it comes to laying a loved one to rest, multiple details go into the experience, including contacting funeral homes in Tulsa, OK. Because personalization is in such great demand in our society, there are far more options available than there used to be, and this also goes for headstones to choose from. Getting more knowledge can help you find the right one and possibly save you money, so here’s more information.

What is the Purpose of Them?

Headstones have been utilized for thousands of years mark where an individual has been laid to rest. They are also commonly known as tombstones, gravestones, and grave markers and are a monument that is placed at the head of the grave. They can be engraved to help others locate the loved one for years to come, so when you’re picking one out, you want to make sure you understand the shape and material that you would like to have.

What Options are Available?

The most traditional kinds you will see in a cemetery are:

  • Kerbed: These are full length once that will lay across the ground and might be combined with an upright headstone.
  • Upright: This option is the most traditional you will see and is fixed to the ground with a base.
  • Flat: These are tablets made of various materials and then set flat on the ground.
  • Raised-top flat: These are traditional stone blocks with a slant from the rear to the front.

One of the primary concerns is understanding your budget because they will all vary in price.

Material Choices

Stainless steel: This choice is one of the newer options and has become popular because it is more durable with weathering situations than the other choices.

Marble: Marble’s popularity is due to its unique blue and grey colors. It has a beautiful and smooth finish, but it is not very durable and may not be allowed on certain cemetery grounds.

Granite: This option is one of the more adaptable choices and comes in many different colors and finishes. Over time it’s become one of the more affordable options due to its availability.

Limestone: Limestone is a traditional choice that will weather more drastically because it is one of the softer materials.

Bronze: This is one of the most durable options out of all the choices but will darken as time progresses. It is one of the most expensive choices but does require very little maintenance.

Other Considerations

As you’re making your choices, the last thing you’ll need to consider is the design and style that you would like to have. Multiple companies specialize in creating different shapes such as hearts or crosses and the kind of inscription that is appropriate for your loved one.

funeral homes in Tulsa, OK

Our Commitment is to the Families in Our Community

Choosing a headstone doesn’t have to be a confusing process, and once you start contacting funeral homes in Tulsa, OK, you can get a better idea of budgeting. Working with a company that can help you through this process is essential, and we are here to offer compassionate care from start to finish, so contact us today to get started.