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Celebrating the Loved One After They Have Passed

Loved ones are not just friends or family; they are individuals who impacted others’ lives around them in meaningful ways. The loss process can be an incredibly painful experience to go through, so it can be essential to take the time to celebrate them even after they have passed on. If you or someone you know has recently had to look at funeral homes in Sand Springs, OK, it can be a painful experience, so here are some ways to help commemorate the deceased through the year.


Days, anniversaries, and holidays can be some of the more challenging times of the year to navigate once the individual has passed away. So, it can be highly beneficial to find ways to celebrate them on these special days. Whether it’s going to a favorite restaurant they loved or cooking a favorite recipe in honor of them, it’s a healing experience to no you can participate in things they loved.

Tell Stories

Connection is one of the best ways to promote healing, so having photos or creating a memorial tribute are great additions. Also, connecting with others who have memories with them can offer a sense of community, knowing that anyone who has suffered the loss is not alone in their process.

Keep Them With you

Multiple companies on the market can help create a memorial tribute that you can always have with you. It can be beneficial to have a piece of jewelry you can wear, or art made that can be displayed to help remember the joy that the individual brought to the world.


If the deceased was deeply involved in different charities or causes, you might consider either making a financial donation or physically offering your time to help. It can be a profoundly healing experience to provide your time in support of others who are suffering, which can, in some cases, help with processing grief around the loss.

Take a Trip

If there was a location that you went to with the loved one regularly, you might consider picking a time each year to make the trip. Whether this is in a remote location or local, it can help to remember any fond memories with the individual.

Make a Dedication

Another option is to make a dedication to a cause in their name. This could look like having a park bench installed with their name in a local outdoor area or simply dedicating a specific space to their memory.

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Community is at the Heart of the Matter

Losing a loved one can be one of the hardest things an individual can go through in their lives, and it can feel confusing when needing to go through the stages of grief as to how to navigate them. Having a company that understands the intricacies of planning an event is essential, and Dyer Memorial Chapel are experts who have been serving our community for over 30 years. If you or someone you know has recently lost a loved one, and you’re looking at funeral homes in Sand Springs, OK, contact us today to schedule an appointment.